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Linked Youth Ministry

     Our Linked Youth Ministry is the arm of our ministry which reaches deepest into our community.  Through this ministry we are reaching young people in the schools, on the ball field, in the community and anywhere we find young people hanging out.  Guyanese youth, particularly those in the hinterland areas, are limited in their access to positive role models and opportunities for the future.  Linked Youth Ministries believes that godly influencers and mentors can make a dramatical difference in the life of youth.  We are focused on three areas – Character, Conduct, and Careers:

   Character is built upon a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We do not believe that religion is the answer, we believe that Jesus is the answer.  Young believers are facing far too many challenges in the modern world navigating life with Jesus – let alone the eternal consequences of eternity without him.

   Conduct is essential for building stronger people, families, communities, and ultimately a stronger nation.  Positive conduct is rooted in spiritual growth and mentoring.  We offer youth positive, spiritual role models and an opportunity to grow in godly conduct.

   Careers are the vision for the future.  In the past, too many of our young people have peered into the future only to find it very bleak due to the lack of opportunity and choices.  There are thousands of talented and gifted believers throughout our network of supporters who have skills that can and should be shared with Guyanese youth.  We are looking to connect the youth in Guyana with professionals – doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, accountants, mechanics, IT specialists, electricians, business owners, plumbers, artists, etc.  These connections bring needed skills and hope for Guyanese young people and meaningful short-term mission opportunities for believers within our network of relationships.

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