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The History of Grace Ministries

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Grace Ministries of Guyana was launched in 1999 through the efforts of Greg and Wendy Mann.  The Mann’s resigned a growing ministry church plant in northern Ohio to follow God’s leading to South America.  Their initial efforts were greatly blessed of God through hundreds coming to Christ, churches planted, and local church leaders trained. These activities were in the remote, northwestern corner of Guyana, near the Venezuelan border. The spiritual harvest consisted primarily of the native Indian tribes including the Warau, Arawak, and Carib Indians.  Of particular note, the Western Carib Indians are an unreached people group with no prior exposure to the Bible or the gospel. In 2009 the Mann’s moved to Florida, but their connection to Guyana was far from over. Through the years Greg has made over 3 dozen trips to Guyana to train pastors, conduct evangelistic crusades, and a host of other outreach efforts usually involving American teens or college students.  Each of the local churches in the Grace Ministries network is led by the local people who have been trained through this ministry. Greg and Wendy are excited to be relocating back to Guyana to the people and the place their hearts call home!

Grace Ministries Timeline 1999 to Present

July 1999 – Greg and Wendy visited Guyana for a survey trip.  God gave them definite confirmation that this was the place of his calling in their lives.

February 2002 – The Mann's receive their work permits and within 18 days of arriving, their veteran co-worker was severely injured, forcing Greg to take the leadership of 2 churches that had previously been established.

June 2002 – First outreach to Falls Top, later this would become Trinity Baptist Church.

September 2002 – Greg begins training 6 men to serve as leaders for the local churches.

December 25, 2002 – First two converts were baptized at Falls Top.

September 2003 – First outreach to Hobadiah, later this would become Heritage Baptist Church.

March 2005 – First outreach to Whitewater Village, later this would become Faith Baptist Church.

August 2005 – Bible institute was given the name Pastors College.  In addition to regular courses taught, Greg met separately with 4 men to train them in preaching and pastoral ministry to share the load in the multiple villages where churches and/or regular outreach was taking place.

February 2006 – First outreach to Kumwatta Village, later this would become Amazing Grace Baptist Church.

May 2006 – First outreach to Blackwater, later this would become Shining Light Baptist Church.


October 2006 – Dental clinic held in Sebai, the first major humanitarian project for the ministry.


November 10, 2007 – With the help of the 1st Baptist Church of Georgetown and Pastor Everard Cadogan, the ministry was able to hold its first wedding with 5 couples tying the knot.  This offered hope to many as laws make legal marriages difficult in the remote areas of Region 1 of Guyana.

May 2009 – Greg, Wendy, and 3 boys move to Jacksonville, Florida.


2009-2019 – Greg led more than 100 people, mostly teens and young adults, on strategic short-term mission trips to Guyana.  Conducted evangelistic crusades, vacation Bible schools, youth camps, agriculture projects, building projects, community outreach and leadership training.  Hundreds led to Christ and baptized during this period.


July 2018 – First Linked Youth Camp held in Whitewater Village.  Teenagers came from 6 villages.  29 were saved and 9 baptized during the camp week.  The youth camp in Whitewater revived the dream and vision of Greg from nearly 20 years prior – as an opportunity to create a gospel movement among the youth of Guyana.

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May 2020 – With the help of churches and believers in the United States and the Caribbean, a major COVID relief outreach is launched – providing basic food supplies to people in 8 villages and daily devotionals via WhatsAPP


August 2001 – Greg, Wendy, Joshua (5), Josiah (2), and John (1), moved to Guyana.  Shortly after arriving they were to learn that their Work Permit was denied, forcing them to return temporarily back to the United States.

May 2002 – First outreach to Sebai, later this would become Grace Baptist Church.

August 4, 2002 – Paul Joseph received Christ at Grace Baptist Church in Sebai, his wife was saved 2 weeks later in a service in another village.  Paul was later to become the pastor of Grace Baptist Church.

October 6, 2002 – Paul and Gladys were baptized at Sebai, the first two converts baptized at Grace Baptist Church.

March 3, 2003 – Paul is licensed as a minister of the gospel.  The first in the ministry.

January 2005 – Due to village politics, Grace Baptist Church land in Sebai, designated to be home of a youth camp, was taken from the ministry.  This action would shut down the plans for a youth camp for many years to come – but not forever.

March 2005 – Regular outreach starts in the villages of Aruka Head and Hotiquai.

November 2005 – First outreach to Yarakita, later this would become Liberty Baptist Church.

Bethal Landing.jpg

April 2006 – God put the old sawmill property at Hosororo Village on Greg’s heart as a future location for a ministry hub.


October 2006 – Carib Jesus Film Project is launched in cooperation with Wycliffe and Campus Crusade.

August 2007 – With the help of the Mann’s home church, Grace Baptist Church and Pastor Roger Green, Grace Ministries ordained its first 4 men, (Paul Joseph, Andrew Henry, Romel Morales, and Norbert Thom), to the gospel ministry.

Canal Bank5.JPG

March 2008 – Building completed, dedicated, and first service held on Canal Bank, the Antioch Baptist Church.


October 4, 2009 – Carib Jesus Film Project completed and first showing in Falls Top.  This would be the first significant gospel outreach in the Carib language.

Staff House.jpg

2018 – Old sawmill property in Hosororo Village is acquired – bringing a 14-year vision into sharper focus.  The property will be developed to house a church, training center, staff housing, an athletic field, volleyball courts, cabins, kitchen; the hub of Grace Ministries will be on this very location.


2019 – First outreach to Anna Bissi Creek, and the Iarena Creek, home of the Warau speaking Indians.

Joshua Templeton image.jpg

2020 – Grace Ministries added staff members Steve and Gina Gant as the Directors of Training. 

Joshua Templeton has come on as the Worship Pastor and Music Director.  

Kristen Kilpatrick Bio Photo.jpeg

May 2016- Team member Kristen Kilpatrick joins Grace Ministries and Global Faith Missions agency to lay the foundation for Linked Teen Camp.

2021 – Grace Ministries starts Non-Profit called 'Achieve Guyana' which stands for "A Church In Every VillagE"

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2022 – Achieve Guyana begins its bi-weekly, two day Leadership development program, training our local pastors and ministry leaders using the Timothy Initiative.

Kristen Kilpatrick Photo.JPG

Mar 2022 – Team Members Kristen Kilpatrick and Steve and Gina Gant move to Guyana full-time.

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