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Bethel Landing Training Center

Achieve Guyana, Inc is pleased to announce the construction of our 3,600 sq. ft. Bethel Landing Training Center, set to open January, 2023. This state-of-the-art multipurpose building will be a fully staffed community Church, as well as a Discipleship and Community Training Center. This two-story facility will be the epicenter of our ministry in Region 1, reaching and training an estimated 3,000 people yearly for the cause of Christ.

Once established, Bethel Landing Training Center, will be the model to launch other campuses in  the remaining 9 regions of Guyana, impacting individual lives, families, and communities.






















The first floor will provide 4 specified classroom environments. An estimated 750 – 1,000 people per year can attend spiritual, personal and professional training. There will also be two large general classrooms, a computer room, and a music room.
























The second floor will be the community church and the focal point of the 7-acre Bethel Landing property. A place for 150 – 200 people to come weekly and gather around God’s Word for learning, encouragement, and spiritual refreshment in preparation to be sent out to their field of service and be the “salt” and “light” to their community.


Spiritual Training:

This training will focus on the importance of sound Biblical interpretation as it pertains to formulating and understanding doctrine. In addition, the instruction of church leadership, management, and sustainable programs, will lead to long term church planting initiatives in the future.

  • TTI leadership training / Discovery Bible Study

  • Spiritual foundations and leadership

  • Music as Worship

    • Voice, guitar, percussion, and keyboard

    • Music Theory and song writing

  • Teen/Youth Ministry

  • Linked Youth Camp


Personal and Professional Training:

Our personal and professional training will cover 32 different topics of instruction and be centered around discipleship opportunities by establishing and building relationships. We believe that whatever we do in our daily lives, personal or professional, that “we do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto man.” (Colossians 3:23) 

Examples of discipleship opportunities:


  • Student tutoring

  • Adult literacy

  • English and Spanish language classes for immigrants  

  • Music classes: guitar, piano, percussion and vocal lessons

  • Art


  • Computers

  • Carpentry, plumbing, electrical

  • Agriculture

  • Mechanical

  • Hospitality

  • Driving school

  • Auto mechanic, outboard motor repair

  • Boating safety

  • Vet and animal care

To start classes, the training center will need $35,000 in start-up finances. Our mission is to partner with US based churches, businesses, and leaders to join us in empowering and equipping the men and women of Guyana to fulfill the great commission among their people. With your help, we can truly Achieve, A Church In Every VillagE.

The start-up expenses will be used to supply such things as: furnishings, developing training curriculum, purchasing books, tools, training aids and audio-visual equipment.

To send your tax-deductible donation toward the start-up of this training center, please click on the link below, follow the donation prompts, and add “Training Center” on the memo blank.

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