Training Pipeline Summary:


The purpose of the Grace Ministries (GM) Training Pipeline is to mobilize workers for the harvest field.  Jesus declared that “The harvest is truly plenteous, but the laborers are few.”  With that in mind, we endeavor to work alongside partner churches and organizations to challenge young adults to give their lives to serve among the least reached peoples of the world.  

One of the distinctive features of our training pipeline will include a highly relational journey together – linking young adults with spiritual mentors who will be there to encourage each step of the way.  We believe that the journey is much better if done in a spiritual community of like-minded believers.

Team members will have the opportunity to; identify personal goals, develop a dynamic prayer life, implement authentic spiritual disciplines, experience genuine spiritual formation, practice healthy team building skills.  Additionally, knowledge and skills specifically related to cross-cultural work will be developed.  We want our team members to overcome the challenges of cross-cultural adaptation, opposing worldviews, the impact of poverty upon gospel ministry, and sharing Christ among radically different culture types around the world.

Our goal is to honor the Lord of the harvest with workers for his harvest fields.  We want to serve as a help to local churches and organizations that desire to raise up a generation of Christ-centered, globally minded, world changers.  To borrow the words of a missionary statesman, “We are within range of penetrating every people group on the planet with the light of the gospel with more momentum than ever before in history.”  Together, we can get it done!

Trinity Baptist College 2018

If you are interested in forming a team to serve with Grace Ministries Guyana and participating in the Training Program please Contact us at

Week One

1. Trip Demographics and Cost

Week Two: Personal Goal Setting.

Email results to

Week 3: Building a Godly Relationship

2. Three Circles Practice

Week 4: Spiritual Growth

Discuss the importance of:

  1. Self-Care

  2. Prayer Time

  3. Journaling                                              

  4. Team Reflecting                                     

  5. Personal Testimony

  6. 3 Circles Training Practice      

Week 5: What is Culture?

  1. Guilt/Innocence Culture

  2. Honor/Shame Culture                         

  3. Fear/Power Culture

Week 6: Starting a personal relationship

  1. Relationship Approach: Contextualization

3. Breaking the Ice: FORM/FIRM

     a. Family

     b. Occupation / Interest                                 c. Religion

     d. Message


Week 7: What is Poverty

a. Poverty of Spiritual Intimacy.

b. Poverty of Being.

c. Poverty of Community

d. Poverty of Stewardship.

3. Set Personal Goals and Expectations (Write a letter to yourself)

Week 8: Reaching the Unreached

a. Pray for an unreached people Group

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